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Welcome to the Oxford Study Courses Teacher Blog for DP English. The most recent blog posts are listed below and you can access the blog archive by following the appropriate link in the panel on the left.

Kissing in the middle of a riot?

June 19, 2011

A great example of  things not being what they seem…

 The Vancouver riot kissing couple will be great for teaching the importance of ‘framing’, whether visual or verbal.   In this CNN article, there’s a video that accompanies the photo from a different angle and an interview from a different time. The variety of ‘interpretations’ of this image that follow in the article  can be used to teach students a lot about how difficult it is to ‘know’ what something means. Here’s another article from The Guardian which has two different still shots which will also make the point.

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Best Non-Fiction

June 15, 2011

…For those of you wondering what non-fiction to teach for Language A… Here’s the latest from The Guardian!

Sorry about the unembedded link…  Something wrong with my screen… 

Computers more human?

June 3, 2011

I just think this discussion about how hard it is to be more human than  a computer is interesting.

Right now I just wish that a computer could do my marking for me!

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