The Coming of the Infographic

It is one of those things you don’t notice until someone else points it out to you – the presence of the infographic in our information rich world. If you want to communicate some essential information to highlight or reinforce an issue that involves statistics then a infographic is currently the medium of choice.

There are a number of sites dedicated to this new phenomena. My current favourite one is and in particualr the infographic, How will you die?. I suppose this is one piece of information I want to be very simple and concise.

Where is the knowledge issue?

A primary focus will be Language. But I think this topic is rich in its secondary considerations:  Why visual rather than dot points? Also the issue of simplicity versus complexity. The issue of selection and determining non-essential information. Is what is excluded just as important as what is excluded? and so on.

I quote Greg Callaghan,” the skill of doing a great infographic is distilling a mess of raw statistics and presenting the information in an entertaining and informative way”.

I would give students an issue that is quite complex, such as riding a bike, and then ask them to represent it as an infographic.

Good luck infographiking!

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