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Welcome to the Oxford Study Courses Teacher Blog for DP Social and Cultural Anthropology. The most recent blog posts are listed below and you can access the blog archive by following the appropriate link in the panel on the left.

Expand your horizons

March 28, 2012

There are several interesting opportunities coming up for teachers to expand their horizons!

1. Upcoming anthropology workshops include:

2. Apply to be part of the Curriculum Review Team (application due April 6)

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Space and place

March 21, 2012

Photo: Derek Harper

I was recently asked about “Space and Place,” a suggested topic of study that appears in the subject guide under Theme 2.5. Space and place have become such prevalent topics in anthropology that they could likely be included under most of the themes listed in the guide. It is also why these topics may already be a part of the ethnographic study included in your course.

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Cheap resources…for schools on tight budgets

March 13, 2012

Many of us need to be creative in finding ways to stretch our budget so that we can provide the maximum number of resources to our students. Here are four things that I do regularly to help augment my resource collection….

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In praise of radio

March 4, 2012

photo: Nite_owl

As teachers constantly seeking material to share with our students, we often turn to print and video as our first ports of call. I would like to draw attention radio, or podcasts, as another alternative. These are often free, high quality resources directly related to anthropology. Even better, the programs usually link anthropology to current events. These programs will not act as full ethnographic studies but may complement learning through ethnography, explore core concepts, or help students to understand the usefulness of anthropology. If your students seem under-stimulated by the lack of a screen, ask them to share 5 key points via Twitter while they listen to the program. Here are eight readily available starting points…

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