OSC Exam Revision – Rome

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Pemba joined Oxford Study Courses in Rome where she studied at St. George’s British International School with expert IB teachers. Here’s what she had to say:

Regarding the OSC Spring course, I really enjoyed and benefited a lot. As a conscientious Nepalese student studying in the IBDP program, I have experienced the vast difference between the IB program and the Nepal education system which I was schooled in. Most of my IB courses are new to me and because the standard of education in Nepal is much lower than the IB standard, I have had to work much harder to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, I have rarely seen the results of my hard work on my grades. According to my unit tests and mock papers, there was still a gap and between my knowledge and the knowledge required for the IB level. I was awarded the opportunity to attend the courses under the kindness and support of ICS (Inter-Community School). I had a the chance to review Biology and Math, two courses which were challenging for me. The review courses were extremely helpful.

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