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Welcome to the Oxford Study Courses Student Blog for Advice & Tips for IB Students. The most recent blog posts are listed below and you can access the blog archive by following the appropriate link in the panel on the left.

As the IB exams draw near

April 21, 2014

books in pileOn Wednesday May 14th your IB History exams commence and at the moment, you are probably trying to organize yourself for the IB exams generally, and determining what you really need to know about history to meet your own personal goal for you final IB grade.  The IAs were completed a long time ago and are currently in the hands of a moderator who, it is hoped, will confirm the grades awarded by your teacher.  Since the IA can be moderated teachers don’t share these grades with the students, but most of you know how well you did with those investigations.

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Commentary: still puzzling?

April 19, 2014

puzzled_studentThere are certainly a lot of different approaches to producing a commentary on an unseen poem or passage in Paper 1.  The same framework doesn’t necessarily work for everyone;all of you are individuals with different histories, skills, kinds of intelligence.

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OSC IB Revision Course Student Spotlight

April 18, 2014

OSC’s IB Revision Courses are currently in full swing across the University of Oxford colleges. With nearly 1000 students set to attend the intensive revision courses in Oxford this month, OSC are looking forward to sharing our years of experience with students from around the world in order to help them in the run up to their final exams.

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IB World School Spotlight: Westminster Academy

April 1, 2014

This spring, OSC will be welcoming a group of final year IBDP students from Westminster Academy to our IB Revision Courses in Oxford. In this article, Westminster Academy’s IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and a handful of the IB students share their thoughts and expectations for the upcoming courses.

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We live in media…using Twitter

March 29, 2014

We live in media

Poster created by Tom Woodward

Yesterday morning I read a handful of  interesting posts about Twitter, and found the poster shown at the left,  by Tom Woodward. As it all followed on a long Skype conversation with a colleague about Twitter, I felt that all the signs were pointing to  today’s blog post focusing on Twitter.

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Starting to revise

March 2, 2014

If you are in the second year of your IB studies and in a May session school, now is the time you need to start thinking about your May exams. The exams probably seem a long way off still but believe me, now is the time to start to prepare for them! In most cases, these exams see the culmination of thirteen (yes, thirteen!) years of education. You may have applied for university and had an offer made according to your grades. Don’t falter at the last hurdle! And in the words of that famous electronic book, the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, DON’T PANIC! [If you think about things now!]

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IB Art Summer School for Visual Arts students

February 26, 2014

OSC is delighted to be working with a highly-experienced IB Art teacher, Heather McReynolds, to offer students an inspiring, stimulating IB Art Summer Course in Italy.

IMG_7095 (2)

Ideal for students about to start the IB Diploma or those who have completed one year of IB Art, and who have a passion for art and interested in making art in a new, exciting context – the perfect opportunity for budding artists to develop their potential.

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Internal Assessment Parts B (Summary of Evidence) and D (Analysis)

February 19, 2014

evidence and analysis

Although they are divided into two separate sections (and separated by part C) the Summary of Evidence (B) and Analysis (D) are inextricably linked – or should be.  Although the sections are assessed as discrete entities, they both must relate to the research question and the analysis should be only of the evidence presented in B.

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Plan of investigation – part II: scope and method of the investigation

February 10, 2014

This is one of the most difficult parts of the Internal Assessment to unpack because they are integrated.  In other subjects, the scope and method are very separate; in history less so.  One colleague likes to tell her students that the scope is the what and the method is the how.  I agree to a certain extent, but feel that can cause some confusion.

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Internal Assessment: how to develop an effective research question

February 1, 2014

So I said I’d be back in January with a more conventional blog. While this is much more conventional, it is no longer January.   Many of you are working on your Internal Assessments so that seems to be a good subject for this posting.  However, I could probably write an IA-length post on the IA, so I am going to focus solely on the research question for now.

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