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Theory of the Firm and International Economics

March 14, 2012

A recent article in the Economists, The End of Cheap China is an excellent source for students to explore Theory of the Firm and International Economic concepts and see how they are connected.

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International health and illness

October 26, 2010


After reading Paul Clark’s post on the malaria business, I was inspired to complement this with an anthropological view of the international inequalities of illness.

Medical anthropology has always provided valuable cross-cultural insights on health and illness, and recently this field has been expanding rapidly. So much so, that Palomar College has released one of its introductory level tutorials on the subject.

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Human Terrain Overshadowing Other War Studies?

July 6, 2010


‘Embedded anthropologists’ in Iraq and Afghanistan have been the subject of ongoing controversy for about five years now. These professionals make at least $200 000 USD a year aiding the American military by providing cultural knowledge and advice. Time magazine has been the latest to publish an article on this topic. Zero Anthropology has had the most extensive ongoing discussion on this topic. Both Zero Anthropology and the American Anthropological Association have condemned the actions of anthropologists engaged in current human terrain work. Criticisms have reduced the number of anthropologists engaging in this type of work – other social scientists are now taking up posts as human terrain professionals.

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