The Atom – Clash of the Titans

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The Atom is a three part documentary produced by the BBC, featuring Professor Jim Al-Khalili (who also stars in the more recent BBC productio ‘Chemistry: A Volatile History’). It was last aired in early 2008.


The series tells the story of the modern development of our modern day model of the atom. Part 1 – Clash of the Titans deals with the development of quantum mechanics and is very relevant to the IB Chemistry topic Atomic Theory’. I would thoroughly recommend showing it to your class or setting it as a homework. The video can be viewed on Google video or by clicking the following link:

Clash of the Ttians

Part 2, The Key to the Cosmos deals with radioactivity, the big band and the atom bomb. Part 3, The Illusion of Reality explores parallel universes. The videos can also be found on Google video and whilst in their own right are interesting, there is less relevance to the IB Atomic Structure unit.

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