At this time of the year – early March for schools in the northern hemisphere – many IBDP art teachers and their students are immersed in the frenetic and angst-inducing chaos that can result from preparing the Candidate Record.
Booklet. Here are ten steps that might help to cut through some of the complexities…

A suggested route to managing some of the complexities  of the Candidate Record Booklet, the duplicate CRB and Internal Assessment (with thanks to SueAnn Walentuk)

• Check page 19 of the Visual Arts guide for information on how many photos, and how many IWB sample pages you can submit. (Depends on the option: SLA, HLA, SLB or HLB)
• For option A, the teacher will internally assess the sample pages (not the entirety of the IWBs); for option B the teacher assess the selected IWB pages
• One photograph ONLY per space, please!


1. Good quality photos should be taken of the selected studio work; these are put into the CRB in the allocated spaces and labeled with specific information (media, title, size etc). The teacher and/or students could take digital photos, and print them out on photo paper to the correct size of the rectangle provided for the photos.

2. Colour (if possible) photocopies need to be made of the sample pages from the IWBs.  Pages that are A3 should be reduced to A4 (and please DO NOT include ‘double-page’ spreads reduced to A4 – this will still be counted as two pages)

3. Student writes Candidate Statement, the teacher checks it, and its then printed it and stuck on the page marked Section 3: Candidate Statement.

4. Student and teacher must sign the front before any marking takes place. After this, the teacher records the IA marks in Section 1 of the CRB, and writes a brief comment to justify the mark. Use the language from the appropriate markbands when explaining the mark awarded.

5. The teacher marks the appropriate check boxes on Pg. 4.

6. Enter the IA marks on IBIS.  After the marks are entered, IBIS will tell you which CRBs are to be copied and sent to the moderator.

7. If the visiting examiner is coming before April 10th, copy the CRBs for use as the IA sample (even if you or the DP coordinator have not uploaded the marks at that point), because the examiner will be taking the original CRBs away with him./her

8. Once you know which CRBs are to be copied, scan or photocopy all the pages in the CRB – including all of the IWB pages.  (You could ask the students make the photocopies: show them what the photocopied pages should look like (no text cut off, everything clear and legible etc.)
You might want to also make a set of CRB copies for your own records, and in case something should go wrong with either of the sets of CRBs that you have sent.

9. Send photocopied CRBs (including IWB pages) with form 6/VACS attached on top and filled out with the IA marks to the moderator via the IB coordinator.

10. Send ALL the original CRBs to the Examiner prior to the visit, or per their request.  When the examiner comes for the interviews it is also possible to put two photographs of each student’s exhibition area on the blank pages at the back of the CRB. It is the examiner’s job to send CRBs to the IB after marks and comments have been entered.

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  • Greg
    April 15, 2010

    OK – I promise: no more photo concertinas, Digital CRBs are the future though!

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