‘Better’ Palm Oil?

Palm oil is here to stay and it is found everywhere – in your washing powder or chocolate or margarine. In order to feed our needs, huge tropical plantations have sprung up around the world – mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia.

This has led to huge areas of rain forest being cut down and destroyed to be replaced by palm oil plantations. Large areas of habitat have been destroyed. Now, in the UK, ‘New Britain Palm Oil’ is aiming to provide a sustainable source of palm oil that will cost roughly the same as the non sustainable alternative. New Britain Palm Oil aims to provide roughly one third of Britain’s Palm Oil.

The palm oil will be certified as sustainable produced and this will allow manufacturers and supermarkets to label their products with the sustainable produced label. The Round-table On Sustainable Palm Oil has a detailed set of criteria that will need to be adhered to. The criteria range from local land use to relations with the local community.

This may mean that in the future we can literally have our cake and eat it! 😉

This post was adapted from the following article:

http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/natural_resources/article7043822.ece that was sourced on 1st April.

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