“ITGS Taxonomy” – A Close Look at Command Terms

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Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, the “ITGS Taxonomy” can be represented by the following diagram clearly indicating the assessment objectives (new ITGS Guide, page 10):

A01: Knowledge and understanding of specific content

A02: Application and analysis

A03: Synthesis and evaluation

This diagram clearly demonstrates to students the hierarchy and increasing complexity of the command terms. “Formulate” (top of the triangle) will actually only appear on the new Paper 3 from May 2012 onwards.

These command terms along with their definitions and specific examples demonstrate the nature of the responses expected for each of the command terms (ITGS Guide 2012 onwards, pages 71-72).


One of the most useful representations for the command terms and examinations has been produced for the new ITGS Guide. It is a diagram based on the work of Rachel Dewey (ITGS guide up to 2011) where the new command terms have been added along with expectations of the response.The description at the top along with the definition is particularly helpful in demonstrating the expectations for responses on examination questions.

Chart – Command Terms color 2012 v2


As May session students are approaching examinations, it seems to be a very relevant time of year to point out that past examination papers, marked scripts and markschemes place the command terms in context. Although the current examinations use some different command terms (consult current ITGS Guide, pages 51-52), students need to be aware of the expectations of each of the command terms on the various papers. A search for “N07 sample paper”  under Teacher Resources on the OCC provides three marked examples to use as guidelines on the nature of responses expected by command terms.


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