Mixed groups with DP art – OK?

My new 1st year Diploma Programme visual arts class contains a mixture of Standard and Higher level – nothing new about that, of course – but in  addition, I have a couple of second year art students.

These two have been added because of a schedule clash: their DP ITGS class happens at the same time as their DP Visual Arts class. They could alternate with art one week and ITGS the next, but, for a variety of reasons (some parent driven), they don’t.

So I spend most of the time making sure that the 1st year art students are on track – becoming familiar with the programme and its objectives, working with both studio and investigation components etc – and some of the time with the two 2nd years, who (admittedly) at this stage of their course should be working with a little more independence and confidence, and may not require as much input and feedback as the newbies.

Its only been a couple of weeks and it seems OK, but I still think that in an ideal world (ha ha) the final year group would have their art classes together.

Or am I wrong?


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  • Magz
    September 13, 2010

    I have successfully done this several years running with my DP Vis Art students. It is great if your classes are not that big and you can run critiques together- the more experienced students model the process and lead the way. The DP1 group also get to help the DP2’s put their exhibition together which gives them an idea of what to expect and I generally ask the DP2 class to present a talk- “what I would have done differently in DP1 id I could do it all again” which is an excellent way to set up expectations.

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