Marine consensus

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A year ago I knew very little about the plight of fish. How that has changed.

The first Census of Marine Life (CoML) has just been completed and the following summarises the scope of the study.

  • 2,700 researchers from 80 nations
  • a total of 9,000 days at sea
  • 540 expeditions carried out
  • A $650m research programme
  • 670 institutions involved
  • 6,000 potentially new species discovered
  • 2,600 scientific papers written
  • All can be seen at

There is the opportunity to investigate all aspects of Option G through the website.

Take an opportunity to explore the site and thing of ways of “hooking” (no pun intended) your students into a newly found human achievement. Extend to MYP???

Yet I feel sad. Once we as humans, quantify our imprint and see the devastation we cause to an environment, we appear to have this innate ability to exploit it and inadvertently destroy it.

Is ignorance something to be protected and the worst scenario feared and therefore protected or is knowledge always a good thing? What would happen if we discovered that burning fossil fuels was not responsible for global warming? Does it matter? But now I digress.

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