An Overview of Internal Assessment (IA)


Today’s posting will cover an overview of IA:

IA counts towards 25% of the final Chemistry grade.

HL students need to carry out a minimum of 60 hours of lab work, SL students need to carry out a minimum of 40 hours.

There is a Group 4 project that counts towards 10 hours of lab time (more on this is later postings).

Teachers assess the students on five skll areas:

  • Design (D)
  • Data Collection and Processing (DCP)
  • Conclusion and Evaluation (CEv)
  • Manipulative Skills (MS)
  • Personal Skills (PS)

Each skill area has three criteria that are assessed.

Students are awarded a complete (c), partial (p) or not at all (n) for each criteria.

A ‘c’ is worth two marks, a ‘p’ one mark and an ‘n’ zero marks.

MS is assessed summatively as the course proceeds (is therefore marked out of 6)

PS is assessed during the group 4 project (and is also out of 6)

D, DCP and CEv are each assessed by the teacher a minimum of two times meaning that a maximum of 12 marks for each skill area can be awarded.

This means that the total IA score is out of 48 marks.

Teachers need to submit evidence of the two highest makrs for D, DCP and CEv.

Tomorrow, Design aspect 1.


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