Design Aspect 2

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Sorry for the delay – I have been on my half term holiday 😆

So, my last posting covered Design, Aspect 1 – today, it is onto Design, Aspect 2.

This criteria is all about controlling the variables listed in Design, Aspect 1 in the Method.

Your students should cross reference their listed variables in Design, Aspect 1 and write how they will realistically control them. The most common mistake is writing something obscure in Design, Aspect 1 (for example, controlling the room pressure in a solubility lab) and then failing to write in the method that ‘room pressure will be checked at the start, during and the end of the experiment to ensure that it is constant’.

The moderator will be on the look out for listed variables (Design, Aspect 1) not being controlled in the method – you have been warned!

Tomorrow, Design, Aspect 3.

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