Conclusion and Evaluation, Aspect 2


Today we will consider Conclusion and Evaluation (CEv), aspect 2.

This aspect deals with the students thoroughly investigating the experimental method. What didn’t work well and why? What happened to make the quality of the results not as good as what they should have been? The reasons should relate to the direction of the calculated value with respect to the data book value.

For example, if a rate of reaction is less than expected, it would be no good saying that as the reaction was exothermic, it gave off heat energy, thus increasing the rate.

The students should focus on major experimental flaws – it is an obvious example, by in an enthalpy of combustion, heat loss is a major source of error and something like impurities in the alcohol would be a minor source of error. There is no problem in identifying the minor sources of error as long as the major ones are identified.

Tomorrow – the final aspect, CEv, aspect 3!

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