Conclusion and Evaluation Aspect 3

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Today we look at the last IA criteria – Conclusion and Evaluation (CEv), aspect 3.

Recall that for CEv, apsect 2, the exerimental method is critically evaluated. For aspect 3, realistic improvements must be stated.

Students should aim to improve every fault in the method that they evaluated for CEv aspect 2. The improvements should be realistic and straightforward. If they cannot realistically (easily) make an improvement they should clearly state this fact.

Sometimes, it helps students if the present CEv aspect 2 and 3 in a table, with headings ‘Faults in the Method’ and ‘Realistic Improvements’.

That concludes the overview of the IA criteria.

Tomorrow, I will post some hints and tips for teachers to follow when preparing the sample of work for the moderator.


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  • jcho
    November 22, 2010

    The headings for the table in evaluation that I use with my students are the following:
    Source of Error, How this affects the results and How to reduce the error.
    If the source of error is listed but is not linked to exactly how it affected the results, it is not considered a complete evaluation.

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