Preparing your IA sample for the moderator


So, the big day has finally arrived. You have submitted your IA marks to the IB and they have requested some work to send to the moderator.

What happens next?

The moderator’s role is to support you in your marking. It is therefore important that you help the moderator in this role as much as possible.

Make sure the work is well organised and easy to follow.Ensure the 4/IA declaration is with the work and signed.

Ensure the 4/PSOW’s are present and signed by you and the students.

Ask yourself, ‘if I were receiving this sample, how would I like it to be arranged when I opened the bag’. Moderators are regular teachers with day jobs just like you so make their lives as easy as possible!

Make sure that the work is well marked and annotated – preferably with two teachers  comments on. This shows that you have internally moderated the work. Use the IA criteria with respect to your marking – write comments like ‘DCP, asp 1 – a good table. All uncertainties present’.


Highlight your comments to make them stand out

Good luck!


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  • Pradeep Karunaratne
    November 18, 2010

    Thank you very much for your comments. I am sure I will try to follow your guigelines when they are done. Thanks again.

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