The Multitude of helpful Podcasts

As I was on the subway last week I decided to listen to my MP3 device. I came across a series of Podcasts I had downloaded a little while from the Open University.

I did not realise they came with video support too.

Follow the link below to access the podcasts.

Podcast link (see also those at the bottom of the page)

I began to question how I use technology to aid my teaching and perhaps how I could / should be taking advantage of the technology my students have access to.

If I provided resources that are accessible by MP3 devices and smartphones, would the students find them more accessible?

I have the questions but not the answer. Do you?

You start delving and you will be surprised what you find. Check out these lectures from MIT. I have to admit to not having listened my way through them and they are obviously aimed at first year university. Perhaps they make good review on a topic for the teacher? You decide…

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  • Erin
    April 24, 2016

    As a second year IB bio student preparing for exams, I wish I had found these resources earlier in my IB experience.

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