The visual arts digital upload is now open (Monday 25 February 2013)

It seems fairly straightforward, but here is a step by step overview

Go to IBIS!

  • check that you have the correct session  (May 2013)
  • click on the E-coursework tabs (there are two, one after the other)
  • This opens up five drop down menus: Subject, Subject option, Level, Language and Component
  • Then hit the “search coursework” (this will not open until you have completed the five drop down menus)
  • The next screen provides you with number of candidates, number awaiting submission, and action. Beneath Action is a clickable link saying “View Candidates
  • Click on “View Candidates
  • This reveals a list of your students, with another  ‘Actions’ column, with 2 options for each student: ‘select upload’ and ‘non-submission confirmed’
  • Click on ‘Select upload’
  • You might have to install an applet here – install it if prompted
  • Bingo! You have reached Nirvana, and should now see the legendary “Candidate coursework file upload” screen.

I have posted here three views of what this screen looks like, showing the file options and a further 11 questions/information you are asked to submit –

Candidate coursework file upload

  1. candidate interview,
  2. candidate statement,
  3. investigation workbook pages.
  4. 18 studio work slots,
  5. 2 exhibition photographs,
  6. internal assessment mark
  7. internal assessment mark justification notes
  8. course level and option
  9. The materials adequately reflects the studio work (yes, partly or no)
  10. The pages adequately reflect the investigation
    (yes, partly or no)
  11. Do you wish to copyright your work?

Good luck!


  • Greg Morgan
    March 5, 2013

    So can we include videos of sculptures in studio work slots?

    • triplea_av
      March 6, 2013

      Yes, providing the file size is within the 1MB limit and is in one of the ‘IB approved’ video formats (e.g. ‘MOV’)

  • Greg Morgan
    March 6, 2013

    Thanks – fair enough!

    Next question – I can’t see how we add titles, media and measurements to this electronic CRB!

  • Greg Morgan
    March 6, 2013

    Next question – it’s not 100% clear on the OCC forums – but it does look like you have to submit everything for each candidate’s uploads in one go.

    I was hoping to get the IWB sample, Studio works & candidate statement uploads out of the way before we hung/photographed the exhibitions and filmed the interviews. Now it looks like there will be a lot of very stressed Art teachers around the world losing a lot of their Easter break queueing up a stack of huge files into the black hole of IBIS. Bandwidth in Italy is pretty poor – but I am sure that it is better than in many places around the globe.

    On a brighter note – this initiative also helps reduce the carbon footprint of the IB Art assessment process. Apart from there now being no movement of examiners, none of us teachers can fly anywhere on holiday at Easter any more!

  • triplea_av
    March 9, 2013

    Hi Greg,
    I haven’t actually uploaded anything yet but according to a little video on “IBTV’ the menu for this information drops down once you have uploaded the image.

    As for uploading IWB etc before the interviews, that’s my plan too. Jayson P (OCC) says that you can queue the work for upload at any time, remove, replace, whatever you like. You “can only upload to submit it to the IB once per candidate, but the coursework portfolio can be gradually added one piece at a time ahead of that.
    You can upload more than one a night too. As long as the material has been stored in an organized fashion, then it takes just minutes to queue each one to be uploaded for submission”.

    Good luck – by all means drop a comment here (or send me an email!) of your experiences. It’s a learning process!


    • Greg Morgan
      March 10, 2013

      Hi again Andrew

      I went and had a look on the OCC as well as playing around on IBIS. Thankfully things seem to be better than I had expected. I was able to upload one or two files to a single candidate’s page as well as the usual info on size, media etc (and also easily remove them). Upload times were not as long as some folk on the OCC had predicted – however that may change nearer to the big deadline!

      So now I plan to get the IWB pages PDF, studio work files (some still some video) and candidate statements up next week and the rest done after the interviews and exhibitions are finished.

      fingers crossed!



  • triplea_av
    March 12, 2013

    Hi Greg,
    That is reassuring. Thanks for the update!

  • GeorgeK
    March 17, 2013

    Greetings, and thanks for all the help on this forum.

    May or may not be having a bit of an issue with the upload.
    Following the steps above, when I click on the “search coursework” link I get a message saying that I need to enter the external assessment area and enter predicted grades. If this is the case for all, no problem. If not, what may I be doing wrong?

    Again thanks in advance for all your help


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