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upload-OK-1024x110Hi Greg and Cy (and others),

Thanks for the comments and suggestions regarding recording the interview, handbrake, iMove/Quicktime etc – I have just finished uploading and submitting all files for my final year art class and didn’t need to compress the videos.

I have also just posted this (below) on the OCC. I don’t want to underestimate the stress involved with the various changes to the visual arts assessment process, including the fact that teachers are now responsible for interviewing their students and recording the interview (although it is, of course, entirely optional), and all the complexities of the digital upload, resizing images, assembling the pages into one file etc – but I’m not a techcie and it really was surprisingly easy.

From my experience, if you have to upload the files for a class of, say, 20 students, it will take around 5 hours, which is a long time. But it could be done over a period of days, an hour a day etc.

After that you hit submit and that’s it, you’re done.

Here is my OCC post:
Once I’d gathered and assembled the files into one folder, the upload for each student took about 15 minutes (most of which was taken up with pasting information about the 18 studio files).

After that you click ‘submit’ and then leave everything to the Internet.
Predictably the video interviews took longest file upload/submit time – more than two hours for each 30 minute MP4 file, but of course that will vary according to your Internet connection.

An audio recording would be much faster, but its not really an issue: the interview is entirely optional (nobody is required to interview anyone).

The other files go in seconds or at the most minutes. The overall final ‘submission’ time for each student was around 3 hours, but once you click to submit all (and have a reliable Internet connection) you can leave it and go way to do other things (or sleep).

So although clearly this for some is a fraught process with a lot of negative associations, from my perspective it was all fairly simple, quick and easy.

Whether you agree with the principal and/or the process of the digital upload – or not – is a different matter.

So that’s it until 2014.

I encountered no major problems, and I hope that this is also the case for others.


I’m still slightly bemused by the discouraging avalanche of anxiety, despair, angst and anger on the OCC Visual Arts Forum.

I hope that one post with a more positive slant might start to redress the balance – and offer some hope!?

Its OK.

Gathering the files might be time consuming, and uploading will take more time – for me, 15 minutes or so per student – but its not really the end of the world.


  • Greg Morgan
    April 1, 2013

    OK That’s me done as well. We miss the live examiner experience, but the electronic CRB is a big improvement – the image viewer scrolls and zooms nicely around the studio images (although I will miss the concertinas of photographs sneakily stuck in to the paper version).

    1MB is not enough for time based work in the studio section – although I have managed to edit a larger version within the interviews if appropriate.

    Does my IB coordinator still need to officially ‘send’ my IA and predicted grades as in previous years (ie press a confirm button that also generated the IA sample in the paper CRB days)

  • Janine McKeon
    April 3, 2013

    Thank you so much for your feedback! It was very helpful!

  • triplea_av
    April 8, 2013

    Hi Greg,
    By “time-based work” do you mean a video? If so, the maximum is 1GB not 1MB.

    And yes, I think that your Coordinator still needs to send (electronically) the usual IA marks/predicted grades to get the sample.

    Ah yes, I think you were King of the Concertinas! Those were the days!


  • Greg Morgan
    April 12, 2013

    Hi Andrew

    So it is possible to upload videos of up to 1GB in each of the studio work slots?

    I’ll bear that in mind for next year. I’m just glad to get it all done this year!



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