PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (e-Upload practice, that is)

IBIS-practice-1-300x169Hi all,

It’s probably fair to say that there are quite a few somewhat worried IBDP art teachers out there at the moment, worried primarily about the digital upload, and things like the time it might take to upload the images, the pages, the interview recording etc

Will it work?

Will it take hours and hours?

What if it doesn’t work?
IBIS-practice-21-300x193What if you have a very slow Internet connection?

Do you need Java?

Do you need to be a professor of computing to cope with all the resizing etc?

Well – there is a new option on IBIS that might calm some of these nerves.

It’s the “E-coursework upload practice” button.

It gives you the chance to see if your upload actually works.

It also tells you how long your upload takes. I uploaded 6 files, and the times ranged between 10 seconds and 42 seconds. The files sizes were close to 1 MB so I think this is good news.
IBIS-practice-3-300x276If you are worried about upload issues, go to IBIS and click on the practice button.

Some of your concerns may be lessened.

I hope so.


  • Greg Morgan
    March 16, 2013

    Hi Andrew

    One of my main concerns has been the uploading/size of videos – either student artworks or interviews. I have discovered a fantastic free programme that allows you to easily resize the files:

    It’s so good that I’m actually going to make a donation to the author!

    I just tested it with a short HD 147mb MP4 and on my first attempt got it down to 20 mb with little discernible loss of quality (on a laptop screen at least)

    Highly recommended!

    I still wish that there was an option to upload larger video based artworks – that could be a real upside of the new system! Foe now I’m uploading 1mb files and then inserting higher quality clips within the interview video if appropriate to the conversation.



  • Cy Iravani
    March 21, 2013

    Hi Andrew (and Greg), the max file sizes for video in the documentation are recommended at being less than 1Gig, so I edited the interviews in imovie and exported them using quicktime. This allowed me to achieve file sizes of between 90-150 MB, which I thought was great (even though my fancy ACS imac took about 45 mins to convert each file) and one of these took 3 mins 39 secs to upload. I hope the IB art servers won’t melt when all the other material gets uploaded closer to the submission deadline!


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