July lucky black catIf you are a DP teacher you are probably aware that today is the day that results are released for students in the Northern Hemisphere (its January 5th in the Southern Hemisphere).

You will have already sent in your internal assessment marks and your predicted grades, so you and your students will no doubt have certain expectations.

I hope that the results are all as expected, (see lucky black cat* on the right) or at least no worse than expected – but what do you do if the results do not match your expectations? Well, one possible response is to ask the IBDP Assessment team to have another look at the work and see if that leads to a higher mark. This process is called “Enquiry Upon Results” – or EUR for short.

(* Intercultural query – do you consider black cats lucky or unlucky? In the UK they are considered lucky, but unlucky (I think) in the USA?)

Here is the relevant EUR information:


A request for an EUR must be submitted by the Diploma Programme coordinator, not the candidate, no later than 15 September for May examination sessions, or 15 March for November examination sessions (approximately two months after the issue of results).

The externally assessed components of a candidate’s work are re-marked by a senior examiner.

Be aware that the mark may go DOWN.

For more detailed information please refer to page 8 of the ‘General Regulations: Diploma Programme’ available on the OCC

“Article 17: Enquiry upon results

17.1 A candidate’s assessment material may be re-marked and/or returned to the school (in electronic format or as a photocopy) as part of the enquiry upon results service, the details and fees for which are specified in the relevant handbook. The categories and conditions of this service are subject to change and therefore are in accordance with the details given in the handbook for the examination session concerned.

17.2 Re-marking a candidate’s assessment material may lead to a higher or a lower grade for the subject. Therefore, before submitting a request for an enquiry upon results service that may result in a change of grade, the school must obtain the consent of the candidate(s) or his/her legal guardian(s).

17.3 If a candidate believes the process leading to the grade upon re-marking did not respect the procedures defined in these general regulations and/or the handbook, the school’s Diploma Programme coordinator may request on behalf of the candidate a review by the assessment director, or his/her nominee, of the assessment. A fee is payable to the IB Organization by 31 December following a May session and 30 June following a November session. Before requesting a review, the school must obtain the consent of the candidate(s) or his/her legal guardian(s).

17.4 Beyond the re-marking and review process defined in article 17, the candidate is not entitled to request a reconsideration of the assessment. However, the candidate is entitled to submit an appeal under the conditions defined in article 30.)


Students will have a personal code and personal identification number so they can access results on the secure candidate results service at https://candidates.ibo.org.

Results are released at staggered time intervals based on time zone. To view the actual time results will be available, login to https://candidates.ibo.org, and the time will be given on screen.


  • Keith Allen
    July 25, 2013

    Useful stuff, but readers might like to note that:
    a) There are some schools in the southern hemisphere that take the May exams (and some in the northern hemisphere that aim predominantly for November exams).
    b) Of course, there are also a number of re-take candidates who may have taken most of their exams in November 2012, but who re-took a subject or two in May 2013.
    c) As the posting states, 5th July was when results were released (to schools) for students taking the May 2013 exams. For students, however, their results are only available on the 6th.
    d) Another article on what to do after results – especially from a UK perspective – can be found here:

  • Andrew Vaughan
    August 11, 2013

    Hi Keith,
    Many thanks for these useful and helpful clarifications,and the link.
    Much appreciated.

  • Ms Chan
    August 25, 2013

    HOw if the re-marking result is not desirable, can it be 2nd re-marked again???

  • Ms Chan
    August 25, 2013

    HOw if after the re-marking, the result is still not desirable, can it be re-mark again, that means a second re-mark

  • Andrew Vaughan
    August 26, 2013

    Hi Ms Chan,
    I think in these circumstances your IBDP Coordinator should immediately contact IB to find the reasons for the mark awarded, so that you have a better understanding of the mark.

    Without knowing more I don’t know if further mark changes are possible, but either way, if you are dissatisfied, your DP Coordinator should contact IB and explain your concerns.



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