Sochi: Winter Olympics 2014 Opening Ceremony

For anyone who watched the two and a half hour opening of the 16-day Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, they witnessed exactly what the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee promised “the most technologically innovative ceremony ever.” Sochi Games Open as Giant Snowflake Malfunction Mars High-Tech Glitz   article also highlights the outstanding ceremony, but also points out one major flaw – a giant snowflake did not transform as it should have into one of the olympic rings.

Glitch Mars Sochi Winter Olympics Ceremony

However,  Russian viewers never realized that this happened. For them the five floating snowflakes transformed into five Olympic rings before bursting into flames. However, the rest of the world only saw four of the five rings materialized in the Opening Ceremony. Russian TV Covers Up Opening Ceremony Ring Malfunction (see images)

Investigate more regarding technology used in the Winter Olympics 2014 Opening Ceremony in Sochi:

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