OSC IB Revision Course Student Spotlight

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OSC’s IB Revision Courses are currently in full swing across the University of Oxford colleges. With nearly 1000 students set to attend the intensive revision courses in Oxford this month, OSC are looking forward to sharing our years of experience with students from around the world in order to help them in the run up to their final exams.

Below, one student who is currently attending our IB Revision Courses shares their experience with OSC.

I am currently taking part in the OSC spring courses and, so far, they have been extremely helpful. The first OSC course that I took was HL Chemistry. During this course, we managed to cover all of the core and higher level topics; we even managed to make small links between the core and some of the options. As well as being given many past papers and resources that will help me with my revision, I was given a lot of homework to reinforce and secure my understanding of what we had covered during the lessons. The teacher knew the syllabus really well and identified where we were currently at with our knowledge of chemistry and tailored his lessons to meet our needs.

SL Economics was my second OSC course, and it was really helpful as the teacher made Economics seem a lot more comprehensible than I previously thought. The teacher explained topics thoroughly and even, at times, included random economic facts and subtle elements from the higher level syllabus so as to ensure that we maximise our chances of getting the highest marks in our exams and to also improve our general knowledge. The teacher also ensured that we understood everything before he moved on and I found that really useful as I was able to ask questions on topics I was unsure about without any hesitation.

I am currently taking part in the SL Maths course and I am already a lot more confident in Maths after having just two full days of intense revision. The teacher makes Maths accessible and interesting: he explains difficult concepts so well that my understanding of them is now almost on par with my understanding of the simpler concepts. His lessons follow a logical structure and he ensures that we are all 100% happy with what we what just covered before he moves on. I also think that the teacher identifies our strengths and weaknesses really well and he also ensures that, even though we all have different methods for doing things, he is able to meet our individual needs and cover all of the topics in a way that suits everyone.

Overall, the OSC spring courses have been very useful so far as I have been taught by the most experienced and knowledgeable IB teachers in small groups that allow for more personalised classes. I cannot wait to attend the rest of my sessions!

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