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Psychology is everywhere, from popular press explanations regarding human behaviour, to peer-reviewed journal articles  which might not be quite so entertaining to read, but which probably contain more accuracy than will be found in the media headlines.  The challenge is to get students to sort out the scientifically supported from the simply scandalous.  Fortunately for us as teachers there are a number of good sites that make an excellent job of explaining current psychological research in easy-to- understand terms.
Psychology Today – very popular in tone, but with links to the original studies.

Psychology Today blogs – interesting discussions on current psychological dilemmas.  A good place to generate some  extended essay ideas.

BPS Research Digest – all of the issues are archived, and you can receive free fortnightly emails of topics.

Guardian’s Psych blog –  and a link to its science page.

The Psychologist – a very broad reach

John Crane’s Y1 Psychology blog – many thanks to John Crane – his students in  Prague are lucky to have this excellent resource.

John Cranes’s Y2 Psychology blog – excellent lists of questions to get your students thinking.

TED talks – of course!

Youtube – especially the offerings from Extreme Learning, AsapScience and Khan Academy

And finally – don’t forget this blog.

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