Interesting research for the Abnormal Psychology option

It is about this time of year that your Year 2 students and you are learning and talking about different mental disorders.  It is important to keep these  discussions relevant and up to date, and this is where the different internet resources are helpful.

In What’s Wrong with Empirically-Supported Treatments? clinical psychologist Rune Moelbak argues that elevating the status of  scientifically-supported treatments reduces the patient to a passive recipient of treatment.  Moelbak’s article raises questions that are relevant to TOK as well as to the biomedical approach in Abnormal Psychology.  His statement that “In reality therapy is an interpersonal process where the therapist learns from the client, just as much as the client learns from the therapist” would be questioned by many on both sides of the treatment process, but is certainly thought-provoking. Should we ignore the subjective experience of the patient when analysing the effectiveness of the treatment?

Depression is a complex mental disorder, and this short and simple video captures the difficulty with the serotonin hypothesis, which is fast becoming discredited.

Young comedian Kevin Breel suffers from depression and his talk is a useful resource when considering stigma and mental disorders.

And finally – just for those who remember  – Glen Campbell’s last ever song, for his wife “I’m Not Going to Miss You.”  He is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, and  if we listen to the lyrics it is clear he understands just what this will involve.

Maybe this could act as a good prompt for students to bring in their songs relating to mental disorders?

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