2015 Professional Development Opportunities for IB Educators

Professional Development is not only important to keep abreast of curriculum changes, but also to be involved in a highly-professional network of IB teachers that is engaging, enhances lifelong learning and enables sharing of best practices. All of which continue to help keep your teaching inspiring and stimulating.


For schools to be part of this, it can be expensive. OSC, however, continues to increase access to cost-effective IB Professional Development.


For you: IBSCA IB Authorised Workshops, Online IB Workshops, College Counselling Course.



IBSCA IB Authorised Workshops

Over 620 IB educators attended 50 IBSCA (the IB Schools and College Association in the UK and Ireland) Workshops in the 2013-14 academic year. Authorised by the IB, IBSCA look forward to offering even more workshops to even more delegates across all three programmes, PYP, MYP and DP in 2014-15.


Key features

  • Approved and experienced IB workshop leaders
  • Emphasis on putting the programme into practice
  • IB Mission Statement related subject matter
  • Convenient times – weekends and school holidays
  • Prestigious university locations
  • Competitively priced


“The venue is a reputable historic place, an inspiring learning environment, and easy to get to. As a consequence of the lower price, my school decided to send two delegates instead of one.” IBSCA Delegate


IBSCA is the provider of the workshops; OSC manages the workshops on their behalf. To find out which workshops are available to you, or to register, please visit our website.



Online IB Workshops

For IB teachers who prefer to learn online, need flexibility, or cannot attend a workshop in person, the Online IB Workshops are an ideal solution. Provided by Triple A Learning and OSC, the workshops are asynchronous; giving participants the opportunity to learn when it suits them.


Workshops commencing in January 2015 are now live and include topics on delivering the new science syllabi to managing a successful Business and Economics course, these unique courses are welcomed by IB teachers worldwide.


2015 Online IB Workshops:

  • Business Management: Tackling the pre-seen Case Study
  • Delivering the new Biology course
  • Delivering the new Chemistry course
  • Delivering the new Physics course
  • English Literature & Language
  • Extended Essay
  • Music prescribed works
  • Managing a successful Business and Economics Department
  • Maths in Economics

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The high-quality workshops are cost-effective and offer:


  • A collaborative learning environment of like-minded IB educators
  • An extended, reflective approach
  • Experts in their fields who mentor participants
  • Resources and materials relevant to the topic covered.


To register for any of the above workshops and to find out more, please visit our website.


College Counselling Course

Whether your school is small or large, old or new to the IB, your students will want to go to university and will need advice to make that decision. Not all schools have experienced College Counsellors to offer this advice; the IB Coordinator or a teacher may have a dual role. Whatever the situation is, the advice needs to be current, informative and helpful. OSC’s College Counselling Course can help.


OSC’s College Counselling Course is in its 5th year and will be held again on 9th – 11th April 2015 at St Anne’s College, Oxford, alongside OSC’s popular IB Revision Courses.
2 - PD (1)
The course is delivered by one of our very experienced College Counsellors and focuses on ‘Applying to UK and US Universities’ of which is split into two parts and can be applied to separately, depending on your needs.


“After attending this OSC course I now feel more informed, and have all the tools I need to help my students.” – College Counselling Delegate


Key features

  • Overview of the UK and US application process and requirements
  • Dedicated to addressing current issues and developments
  • Tailored to meet individual needs
  • Increased confidence in providing university application advice
  • Delivered by a leading College Counsellor
  • Residential and non-residential available

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2 - PD (3)


For further information, or to register, please visit our website.

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