Pro-social behaviour and the bystander effect

What is pro-social behaviour?  Most of us have heard of anti-social behaviour.  This is behaviour that harms others and shows a lack of concern for their well-being.  pro-social behaviour is the opposite. It is behaviour that helps others and shows a concern for them.  Prosocial behaviour also includes altruism, which is when we help others and show a real concern for them, without any expectation of benefit for ourselves, and sometimes at a personal cost.  As a friend of mine once said, “It is easy to do something good; it is difficult not to go around telling others that you have done it.”

The bystander effect is the phenomenon that the more people witness a person needing help, the less likely they are to actually help.  This is for several reasons:


This disturbing video shows how the bystander effect is a real phenomenon.


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