The Written Assignment, once more

From facilitating online workshops and moderating examiners for the Part 1 assessment, I frequently observe that there are still hurdles for both teachers and students and those who mark their work.  The IB assessment office is well aware of this, and in response has arranged a screencast to help examiners, particularly those who may not teach this course or this component.  While the primary target audience for the screencast is indeed examiners, the material is also now available to teachers of Language A on the Online Curriculum Centre.  Go to the Diploma Programme,  then Studies in Language and Literature and then English A: Literature.  If  you scroll down you will see a screencast that deals with the Written Assignment.  I think it may be helpful to you.  And you will also find other Teacher Support Materials which include such things as marked assessment work. As the time draws near for the submission of materials for May 2015, you may find all of these resources helpful.

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