Getting the new IA right

For students in their first year of the IB Diploma taking one or more of the Sciences, they will know the IA (Internal Assessment) has changed. Instead of producing a number of pieces of work, students now only need to produce one.

So, great care and attention needs to be given in order to get a good grade. Essentially there is only ‘one shot’ at getting it right.

Some of OSC’s bloggers, who are all experienced IB teachers, authors and examiners have some fantastic advice. Read on for more.


  • Embla
    June 14, 2015

    I’m starting on the IBDP next year, and this scares me a littlebit. The old way seemed much more fair and like it was focusing on student developing and results from hard work over time, while this seems like a step back. Why has this change been made?

    • Jo England
      June 17, 2015

      Dear Embla,

      I would not be scared. The changes to the IA have been made by the IB to give students the opportunity to engage in a wider range of activities that satisfy the three science subjects. Your IB teachers and IB Coordinator will be able guide you throughout the process. Please do take time to read the Physics blog post if you haven’t already done so.


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