Exams; are you prepared?

The final exams might be far from your mind but they aren’t really that far away. Good practice and preparation will put you in good stead. Your mock exams will also show you what you need to focus on. But, before then we have some helpful tips and advice on what you can you do to be fully prepared.

Tips from the experts

Our team of IB experts have transferred their wisdom and experience into simple tips on how best you can prepare for the exams.

  1. Create a revision schedule

Organise your time using the OSC planner, or something similar, to ensure you have a structured revision schedule. Remember to slot in your exams.

  1. Find out what type of learner you are

If you don’t already know, take the test to see how you learn most effectively. This will help to strategize your revision.

  1. Legible handwriting

The exam is a communication between you and the examiner. If the examiner cannot read your handwriting, they will be less forgiving towards any uncertainties in your answers.

  1. Past paper practice

You will have heard of past paper practice a million times but it really does help your revision. Make sure you practice early and often, and in a realistically-timed situation.

  1. Order your notes

Taking tips from what type of learner you are, organise your notes so they are easy to use and to revise from.

  1. Reduce, Reduce, Reduce

Try to synthesise what you know. Turn learning into diagrams, flow-charts, note cards, or mind maps. From a chapter in a text book, for example, to three pages of notes, to an A4 sheet of paper, then to an A5 and finally on to index cards.  When you look at the index card it should awaken in your mind all the material you have reduced until you get back to the chapter in the text book.

  1. Know the marking criteria

Knowing the marking criteria for each of your subject exams will help make your revision more effective and give you something to aim for.

  1. Study buddies

Recruit friends to become part of your study group. Mark each other’s work according to the marking criteria.

  1. Test your understanding

OSC’s IB Revision Guides go through the complete syllabus with you, testing your understanding as you go through topic tests, exam questions, and diagnostic tests.

  1. Take breaks

By breaking the material into 30-45 minute blocks, your concentration levels will stay high. Remember to reward yourself during study breaks!

You can benefit from the above tips now, refining them as you go in time for the final exams. For more articles on revision help, take a look at our Revision Centre.

OSC 2016 IB Revision Courses

Before your final exams, you might want to consider some face-to-face revision with IB teachers who are experts in their fields.

OSC’s IB Revision Courses are the most successful courses worldwide. Each year we help thousands of IB students prepare for their exams and reach their potential. We are the leading provider, and here is why:

  • Teaching from some of the most experienced IB teachers in the world
    • 93% of OSC’s revision teachers are examiners with a minimum of 5 years IB teaching experience
  • Invaluable practice on exam questions and techniques
  • Intensive, focused, uninterrupted time on each subject
  • Courses grouped by grade and level (UK)
  • Small groups of 8-10, allowing for personal attention
  • Tailored to your needs.

OSC’s 2016 Revision Courses (for May exams) are being held in 4 locations: Oxford, Brussels, Rome and Dubai, and applications are now open.

For those students taking their IB exams in November, take a look at our courses in Australia.


“The intensity and quality of the teaching provided made me feel more secure about the subject material and the upcoming exams.” OSC IB Revision Student, 2015

“I now have the confidence to go into my exams because I know exactly what and how to revise to get the grade I want.” OSC IB Revision Student, 2015

“I attended the OSC Revision Course in Oxford. I got 42 points overall. 7s in both the subjects I took with OSC! Thank you!” OSC IB Revision Course Student, 2015

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