Is the IB Diploma for me?

Deciding whether to take the IB Diploma is a big decision. Is it right for you?

The IB Diploma Programme is fast-becoming the world’s passport to university. The programme offers a well-rounded education that develops students personally, and develops a unique breadth and depth of knowledge.

However, the programme is challenging and poses many demands on a student, whilst being exciting at the same time. Some students are discouraged by the workloads and rigour of the programme.

To be able to make the right decision, our IB experts impart their wisdom on the programme, giving you reasons why you should choose it as your pathway to your future.

Why take the IB Diploma (IBDP)?

  1. Students develop their own interests while learning six academic subjects, rather than narrowing their focus at the age of 16.
  2. Studying six subjects offers breadth, scope and depth.
  3. The programme offers a holistic approach to the growth of the individual – CAS to make them a better person, TOK to generate an inquiring, more open and more liberal mind, and a 4,000 word research paper to prepare students for the academic rigours of university.
  4. Global awareness – the programme forces students to learn another language, hence opening up to another culture.
  5. Taking the IBDP will build on a student’s strengths and greatly improve upon their weaknesses, and;
  6. Develops skills and perspectives that will make a student more resilient and resourceful, as well as interesting.
  7. It encourages independent learning and research, easing the transition between sixth-form and university.
  8. Peer support – students will be surrounded by others who are serious about academics and this will serve as excellent motivation for success.
  9. The IBDP’s academic rigour provides students with one of the best university preparation courses.
  10. Students will increase their chances of being accepted at a selective university and being successful when there.
  11. Evidence suggests that higher rates of DP students go on to university than non-IB students.
  12. Be part of ‘something special’ – over 2,795 schools in 143 different countries offer the DP –it’s a global programme.

Sources: OSC’s IB experts, The IB Website, The Telegraph.


OSC’s Pre IB Summer Schools

To offer students even more support and preparation, OSC’s Pre IB Summer School helps students to develop a solid foundation for the IBDP by offering a complete preparation programme.

Designed by IB experts, the course introduces students to the IB core, its six IB subjects, and also offers other options such as the UK university entrance module. Experienced IB teachers help students to reach the required starting level, whatever their educational background, or simply help them decide if the DP programme is right for them.

Dates: June – August 2016

Locations: Oxford, UK; Boston, USA

Duration: 3 week full programme or customised to meet the student’s needs

Course features:

  • Develop a solid foundation for the IBDP
  • Designed & led by IB experts
  • A range of IB subjects and modules focused on the IB core and academic skills
  • Unique IB University Fairs
  • Full social programme
  • 24-hour care and university accommodation.

“The course has given me an in-depth idea of exactly what to expect next year, and also how to deal with the challenges of IB.” OSC Pre IB Summer School Student, 2015


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