Simplicity of an Idea is Often the Key to your Major Project – the Shopping Bag Handle Anyone?

Hi all,

For those of you coming to the end of your DP1 year over the next few months you may well be starting to think about what you will do for your Major Project. And if there is one piece of advice that I can give you as an experienced Design Technology teacher – is KEEP IT SIMPLE. The best ideas are always simple – and come from a thorough understanding of an issue and good old ‘constructive discontent.’ So I thought I would give you a great example – which also has a natural link into how it can be manufactured…

Think about every time you have held a carrier bag and it has dug into your hand – has this limited the time you can carry these, the number you can carry etc? So there is your problem – and below is your solution a 3D Printed carrier bag handle. Sounds too simple but ultimately useful obviously there will need to be areas which as designer you would need to consider more widely in your project regarding environmental issues, usability, cost of manufacture…

Carrier Bag Handle?

The Simplest Ideas – through Constructive Discontent?

Go and check out the design at Fabbaloo and even download and print (if you are lucky to have a 3D printer handy) the handle to test and see how good it is.

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  • Dave Ardley
    May 20, 2016

    Great advice Alan – will go over and have a look at that handle project. I did something similar many years ago (pre 3D printing) using polymorph and nylon tubing. Was really useful in helping to deliver the Human Factors option. Thanks for posting.


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