Socially Aware Design for a Purpose – Project Inspiration

Hi all,

Struggling to be inspired or inspire – well here are some wonderful socially and ethically inspired recent design prodiucts which should get you thinking of some great ideas for upcoming projects to do in the IB Diploma. Remember projects especially the major project should come from the analysis of a situation and issues that are being faced – and I think these examples demonstrate this admirably!

  • Another simple idea to provide and design a sleeping bag for the homeless – you know how they often utilise cardboard OR old sleeping bags they get damp and cold very quickly – well here is a solution from a teeenage designer!
  • I have probably mentioned the gravity light before – but definitely worth having a look again what a great solution to a universal problem for 1.3 BILLION PEOPLE. I think this demonstrates the power of Design and our wonderful Design Technology IB DP programme.
  • A medicine bottle that turns into a telescope when it runs out – seems like a craxy idea but the fact that this designer has thought about resuse of the product after it has served its main purpose is inspiring I believe.

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