Some new videos to use in your IB Design Technology classes

Hi all,

Welcome back to a new school year and I hope your students are looking forward to another exciting year in Design Technology. To start off the year here are some useful videos I have recently come across that you can use as starters to certain units or topics.

  • Don Norman: The three ways that good design makes you happy – Great video to get your students really thinking about their target market and clients in the design process and how important they are.

  • A reminder that Instructables – although erratic has some great videos of Design Technology projects and the making process and can be really useful to get students thinking of redesign projects. I use it on occasion for a lighting project that I have loved for many years.

  • Age of Design, Introducing the Experts – The importance of design thinking is shown in not only the Designers part of the world but in other areas also – fascinating!

  • Age of Design, IKEA – Is IKEA great design – a good video to maybe start off this discussion. Having just moved to Singapore and seeing almost everyone buy there new furniture from IKEA – it has made me ponder this question a great deal – from a cultural and global point of view.

  • How will Design Change our Everyday Lives – Again very thought provoking and also exciting I think for students to see the radical changes they can make to the world.

Enjoy and if you have any videos to share please add to the comments…

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  • Dave Ardley
    October 6, 2016

    Many thanks again for sharing these Alan.

    I’ve seen/use most of these but not seen the ‘lamps’ one before (indestructibles). Good stuff. I do love the ‘age of design’ set and who can’t raise a smile when Don Norman takes stage…

    I’ll post this on to other social media, OCC, Basecamp and share them out as they are great resources.


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