Some websites to prevent mathematical cobwebs

If you have a long break this (Northern hemisphere) summer, it’s important to keep your brain ticking over mathematically so that you don’t have to start up from cold when you go back to school next term. I’ve been on the lookout for some recreational mathematical activity on the web: even just a few minutes each day will be beneficial. I’ve included a partial screenshot from each site.

Pattern recognition

Enlarge any one of these 240 patterns. You have to work out how the pattern changes in each step, and produce a relevant formula. For example, the tooltip for the second pattern tells you that there are 85 blocks in step 43 – how many blocks in step n? The patterns get progressively harder. Even three a day will keep you going for nearly three months!


Mathematical puzzles


These 160 puzzles cover a huge range of styles – geometry, logic, arithmetic – as well as levels of difficulty. Fortunately each puzzle comes with hints and solutions.




Helicopter game

OK, it’s not very mathematical, but this very simple flash game is great for keeping you alert and thinking ahead. If you haven’t come across it before, beware: it’s highly addictive!



Practice worksheets


Sounds a bit dry, but here are hundreds of worksheets (with answers) enabling you to practice basic mathematical skills from simple algebra, equation solving, geometry, calculus, sequences and series, complex numbers…..



That’s Maths!

And finally, here’s a site with dozens of thought-provoking articles around pretty well every area of mathematics. The screenshot, for example, is from an article which tackles the age-old question of whether mathematical theorems are invented or discovered.

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