IB Career-Related Programme – university admission news update

The latest news on the block (see news from TIE Online, 30 May 2017) is that the University of Southampton now accepts applications from students taking the IBCP.  Please read the UoS Admissions Policy Statement carefully to fully understand the requirements.  Have a look at an example course here (Economics and Philosophy).

Add this high-quality, research-focused, Russell Group University to the growing list of other UK universities accepting the IBCP and you will soon realise that there are a wide-range of options to choose from.  But what are those options?  According to a presentation written by Peter Fidczuk (IB UK Development and Recognition Manager) in 2015, the following universities were recognised as accepting the IBCP for a variety of courses:

  • Anglia Ruskin
  • Bishop Grosseteste
  • Bournemouth
  • Brighton
  • Brunel
  • Buxton
  • Canterbury Christ Church
  • Coventry
  • Edinburgh
  • Essex
  • Falmouth
  • Gloucester
  • Greenwich
  • Hertfordshire
  • Kent
  • King’s College, London
  • Kingston
  • Lancaster
  • Leeds Beckett
  • Lincoln
  • Loughborough
  • Middlesex
  • Newcastle
  • Northampton
  • Northumbria
  • Nottingham
  • Nottingham Trent
  • Portsmouth
  • Plymouth
  • Reading
  • Roehampton
  • Solent
  • University of the Arts, London
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of East London
  • UCA
  • Westminster
  • Winchester

My advice would be to contact the University or Higher Education Institute (HEI) directly to confirm what they will accept and what they will not accept. This is vital especially when you are advising Grade 10/Year 11 students what subjects to choose and what academic path to follow for their final two years of High School or Secondary School.

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