New Release: IB History Paper 2 Authoritarian States: China 1911–1976

We are pleased to announce the release of a new title in the OSC IB Study & Revision Guide series, the latest instalment in our 20th century World History books exploring the rise of Authoritarian States.

IB History Paper 2: Authoritarian States: China 1911–1976

This revision guide supports exam preparation for IBDP History Paper 2, Topic 10: Authoritarian States, using Mao’s China (1911–1976) as a discrete example. Closely structured around the syllabus, it charts the emergence of the Communist state in China, the consolidation and maintenance of power, and the aims and results of domestic and foreign policies. It is relevant for both SL and HL students.


Author Joe Gauci read Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford and has taught History since 1984. He has taught IB History at Malvern College, UK, since 1995 where he oversees its academic life as Deputy Head. He has experience as an examiner and has been teaching revision to students from around the globe since 1996.

Our fourth and final Authoritarian States title, focusing on Italy under Mussolini, will be released later this spring.

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  • yannoulis
    February 25, 2018

    where are the subject reports so we cna calculate the mock exams

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