New Release: IB Chemistry SL & HL Option D: Medicinal Chemistry – Study & Revision Guide

We are happy to announce the publication of our new study and revision guide for IB Chemistry Option D: Medicinal Chemistry

This book is a complete revision guide for SL and HL students preparing to answer IBDP Chemistry Paper 3 questions on Option D: Medicinal Chemistry. Focused on the syllabus requirements and with an emphasis on chemical structures to aid understanding, it provides the essential review, practice, and up-to-date advice needed to maximise marks in the exam.




Here’s what author Martin Bluemel said about his book:

At last, the long-awaited revision guide for the popular Medicinal Chemistry option. This book should be all you need to support your revision and past exam paper practice. Many students find that they do not get a lot of time to cover the option at school, so this guide is there to reinforce your knowledge and give you the confidence that you will be well-prepared for Paper 3.


The guide is organised into topics to match those in the IB Chemistry subject guide. I have tried to include as many chemical structures and diagrams as possible, to help those who learn better by seeing the information in more graphical form. There are also tips on how to avoid common mistakes, as well as lots of questions to practice at the end of every chapter.


Martin Bluemel has a degree in Biochemistry and a PGCE from Oxford University. He has taught IB Chemistry since 1987 and is the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator at Taunton School, UK. He is an experienced examiner and has taught revision and mid-IB study courses since 1992.


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