New Release: IB Environmental Systems and Societies – Study & Revision Guide

We are delighted to announce the publication of our new study and revision guide for IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS).

Written for the requirements of the 2017–2023 exam sessions, this revision guide offers succinct coverage of the whole syllabus for Environmental Systems and Societies, with extensive self-test material to help students prepare for mocks and final exams. Clearly structured to match the curriculum, it offers exam tips and original case studies.


Here’s what author Adrian Palmer said about his book:

I have written a new edition of the ESS revision guide to meet the needs of the 2015+ curriculum, particularly the new aspects, and with the intention of producing a more streamlined version to aid student revision. I really hope it helps students to do well in their final exams, and this was very much in mind as I wrote. Mostly my writing draws on personal experience in teaching and carrying out environmental work. Case studies, examples, and other information draw on conservation work in the UK, as a reserve manager on Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve, conservation work in the Northern Thailand, working for a reforestation charity, and running an environmental education centre. I have also used data collected during field courses and laboratory work first hand to support the text where possible. I hope these authentic examples are interesting and are memorable to all who read through them. I have also tried to improve signposting and illustration, breaking up the text with clearer steps, summary tables, diagrams, text boxes, and highlighted key concepts.


Even a very brief look at sustainability issues gives considerable cause for concern about our development pathway. This edition of the guide has an improved focus on solutions. This is not only because they are a more integral part of the new course, but in the end they are the main point of such a course. In making a move towards a more sustainable society, we all have something to contribute. Here in Bangkok I have been working on a low impact eco-guesthouse project. The design incorporates a solar chimney (hot air extraction using the solar thermal), geothermal cool air intake by convection, insulating boards made from recycled waste, and solar power for electricity. I hope the book encourages more people to take action in whatever way they can.


Adrian Palmer has over 25 years of teaching experience, including field-based environmental education and conservation work. He has been teaching IB ESS since 2001 and has experience as an examiner, workshop leader, and as part of the curriculum review team. He has taught in the UK, Thailand, and Singapore and currently teaches IB Biology, TOK, and ESS at Bangkok Patana School, Thailand.


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