The Visual Arts Upload Reminders/Advice

If you are teaching Grade 12/Year 2 Visual Arts students, by now you should be making final preparations for the upload to IBIS. The deadlines (next month) are listed below with details of what you need to upload.

This information is available of course on My IB but here is a brief

These are the final deadlines.

I encourage you NOT to wait until the deadline!

Have all your visual arts upload files ready and start the upload process
for each component at least ten days BEFORE the deadline!


Internal assessment marks and predicted grades

Enter your predicted grades and your DP Coordinator can then find the name and number of students whose work will be uploaded – your Internal Assessment (IA) sample.*

Please note that you will NOT be able to upload any of the exhibition files until the list is confirmed: no exhibition upload slots become available until you enter the predicted grades and IA marks, and your DP coordinator confirms the marks and grades and submits them to IBIS, and gets the IA sample list from IBIS (which needs to be confirmed).

Once confirmed, only students included in the sample have their exhibition files uploaded.

*Sample: how many students?

It depends on the size
of your class/group.

  • Fewer than 6 students: all the work will be uploaded
  • Between 6 and 20 students: upload 5 samples
  • Between 21 and 40 students: upload 8 samples
  • More than 40 candidates: upload 10 samples.

The Exhibition includes the Curatorial Rationale, the artwork files with additional details (titles, media etc).

The two exhibition ‘overview’ photos should not include any people, e.g. NOT the student or the audience.

Don’t use the optional additional photo slots unless they really add something.

Use the ‘media’ text space to provide as much information as possible (e.g. ‘mixed media’ is not helpful)


External assessment components (Comparative Study and the Process Portfolio).

You or your students can upload these files.

Both Comparative Study and Process Portfolio files can be in the format of DOC, DOCX, PDF, or RTF.

The Comparative Study screen asks for THREE files (the Comparative Study itself, the works cited list and the VACAF); Process Portfolio needs ONE file only (the Process Portfolio, with works cited on the final page).

Be prepared and good luck!

  • olivia browne
    March 28, 2019

    I’m in the process of uploading all three components for my group of students and I cannot find information anywhere regarding the need for all files to contain the candidate number. I read somewhere on the inthinking site that this is now the case, but I couldn’t post a comment there because my college does not subscribe to the site. My students always anonymise their files and sometimes add their candidate number to the front of their Comparative Study, but have never added it to every file or document uploaded. Please advise!
    Thanks, Olivia

    • Andrew Vaughan
      March 29, 2019

      Hi Olivia,
      I only put the student personal codes on Comparative Studies and Process Portfolios, and that seems to be enough. I guess it could also go on the Curatorial Rationale?

      I will check with IB, and reply further if necessary, but I think it’s unlikely that these codes have to go on all submitted files..


      • olivia browne
        March 29, 2019

        Thanks so much for your quick response, Andrew. I have asked IB but have not heard back yet and our IB coordinator doesn’t have clear guidance on this. I’ll follow your advice as it seems logical. I am also having to get the students to edit their Process Portfolio PDF files in order to add the additional bibliography screen as I have only just found out about that! Apparently some of these changes/additional requirements were mentioned in the 2018 Examiners report but I have yet to locate that document on MyIB. I gave up and read your condensed version on this blog!

      • Andrew Vaughan
        March 30, 2019

        Hi Olivia,
        Go My IB – Programme Resource Centre – View DP Resources – Visual Arts – Subject Reports.
        Page 26:
        “If the list of sources uses a whole screen, this will not be included in the screen-count when assessing the process portfolio component.”


      • Andrew Vaughan
        April 3, 2019

        Hi Olivia,
        Here is the reply from the IB:
        “Schools are encouraged to keep coursework submissions anonymous. The personal code may be used for identifying coursework and forms which are submitted to the IB but this is not a requirement.
        Candidate names or session numbers can be used in the document filenames. For your reference, please refer to B3.9.5 of the DP Assessment Procedures 2019”.



  • Stephen
    April 17, 2019

    As I was uploading my students work I noticed that one of them forgot to add the resources/biography links on their process portfolio. Even if we have to submit it as a word document, is resubmission a possibility?

    Kind regards,


    • Andrew Vaughan
      April 19, 2019

      Hi Stephen,
      Yes, but you need to ask your DP Coordinator to contact IB and request that this happens.

      IB should then be able to re-open your IBIS screen and you can replace the incorrect file with the correct one.



  • ina
    April 24, 2019

    So 6 interviews from teachers part and students part to be included in the vacf form as ppwill not require?
    is the limit for submission is 50mb or 20mb?
    can i see a sample of vacf form?

    • Andrew Vaughan
      April 26, 2019

      Dear Ina,
      Your DP Coordinator will be able to answer all these questions. It might be quicker to simply ask him/her.

      I also encourage you to visit ‘My IB’ where you will also be able to find information, including the VACAF.

      The Process Portfolio does not require that you include interviews with your students. The maximum file size currently allowed on IBIS for the Process Portfolio is 50MB but 20MB maximum is recommended, because examiners frequently have problems accessing files that are larger than 20MB.

      Best wishes,


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