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Over the past few years I have written blogs for IB students on a wide range of mathematics-related topics. Some of these blogs have covered specific areas of syllabus content where I know students can have difficulties. With many of you either at the start of your diploma course, of halfway through, this seems like a good moment to help you find them.

Quadratic factorisation can cause some head-scratching, although if you are following the new Applications and Interpretation course you GDC can be used instead of an algebraic method. See here for the detail.

A basic understanding of the different number systems is at the heart of many mathematical topics. This blog explains what it’s all about. While we’re on the topic of numbers, you might find my thoughts on significant figures quite revealing.

This blog looked at some basic concepts in probability via the game of Backgammon; whilst the trick concept of conditional probability  is explained here. On the statistics front, here’s an explanation of the different sorts of average. And in the new syllabus there’s a section on sampling methods: here’s what it’s all about.

Algebra: one blog covered exponential functions, another got to the bottom of logarithmsAnd to sort out some terminology, go here to find out about terms, expressions and equations. A bit more advanced, here’s an explanation of the chain rule.

There are plenty of other useful blogs covering areas such as revision, how not to lose marks in exams and so on. have a browse, and also do let me know if you’d like help or tips on anything I haven’t yet covered: I’d be very happy to oblige!





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