Our blogs are written by highly experienced IB educators and teachers, many of them senior examiners and moderators. With years of experience in their subject field, they provide high-quality, reliable support and advice for the whole IB community. Our blogging team includes:

Biology: Stephen Casterton

Stephen has been teaching IB Biology since 1997 and has been an examiner for the HL paper 2 since 1999. He has worked in England, Singapore (UWCSEA) and Austria (VIS) and is currently teaching the IBDP in Toronto, Canada (Branksome Hall) where he is Biology Co-ordinator.  Stephen is a Diploma Workshop Leader and is currently completing his Masters in Education in the UK.

Business and Management: Paul Clark

Paul has been involved with IB Business and Management since 1985 when he worked at UWC in Singapore and the subject was still called Organisation Studies. He has been a teacher of B&M, Economics, TOK, Psychology and Geography and has been a Director of IB in the UK. He has examined for the IB since 1991, becoming Chief Examiner in 1995, and is still principal examiner for the HL internal assessment. He co-authored the IB Business and Management Companion textbook for OUP. He lives in Dorset in the UK.

CAS: Steve Money

Steve leads an educational consultancy called ‘The currency of ideas’. He twice served as the Asia Pacific teacher representative on IBO curriculum review committees, one for the revision of Language B (English), and the other for the current CAS Guide. He also assisted in the design and creation of Teacher Support Materials for both programs.

He’s a Senior Examiner for English B and IELTS and he facilitates both on-line and real-time workshops for CAS and IELTS. He co-authored ‘CAS Illustrated – Global interpretations of creativity, action and service’ (2012) and he firmly believes that sharing and exchanging current ideas is a path to best practice.

Chemistry: Dave Allen

Dave taught IB Chemistry at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore for eight years from August 2000 – July 2008. At IB level he also taught TOK and the school based syllabus Science and Technology in Society (STS). He has been an IA moderator for eight years and has marked HL and SL paper 2 and 3 for the last six years. He has run numerous face to face and online workshops. He has also run a number of online workshops aimed specifically at ‘Internal Assessment’ and ‘Teaching IB Chemistry’. Outside of the IB he also moderates for OCR GCSE 21st Century Science and is an examiner for the Edexcel International A Level and AQA AS Level. Dave repatriated in August 2008 and now works Dorset, England where he teaches Chemistry and looks after the school’s Community Service Programme.

Design Technology: Alan Perkins

Alan is currently the Assistant Principal and IB Diploma Coordinator at ACS Egham International School, Surrey, England. He has been at the school for 5 years also fulfilling the role of Head of Technology – teaching IB Diploma Design Technology, MYP Technology and Information Technology in a Global Society. He has also worked in International Schools in Egypt and Mexico. His IB work involves being an IB Authorisation/Evaluation visitor for the MYP IB Program and an Examiner for the ITGS Diploma course for both the Internal Assessment and Paper 3 component. Alan has finished a Masters in the use of Technology to enhance learning focusing on the use of online tools and blended learning techniques and has recently co-developed the IB Diploma/Pamoja online ITGS course and has also taught online. His enthusiasm for Technology to enhance learning includes new developments in facilitating the introduction of a 1-to-1 iPAD program and is looking forward to the introduction of 3D printer technology within the Design Technology department at his current school.

Economics: Matt McGee

Matt has a background similar to that of many OSC students: of Irish-American heritage; born in Ecuador, raised in the West Indies, Latin America, Greece and Sweden…and now teaching at SCIS in Shanghai, China. After many years at Uppsala University in Sweden getting two masters degrees he slipped into teaching much by accident. He started teaching IB Economics is Sweden in 1996 and when several ex-students pointed out that they were selling all his economics notes to first year students in UK universities, he started writing the first edition of his IB Economics textbook “The Good, the Bad and the Economist.” Having been with OSC since 2002 teaching on the Spring and Summer IB courses he is, in his own words, “pretty much OSC inventory”.

Matt spends a good portion of his off-time in Shanghai following economic trends and looking at data – all his students get to hear “…look it up!” at least once during every class. This, together with the on-going economic development in Asia and OSC expansion in Shanghai, quite naturally led him to his present post here on the Economics blog. He reminds us, in the words of John Maynard Keynes, that nothing is beyond the interest and sphere of the economist, whereby students are encouraged to write to him with suggestions!

English: Hannah Tyson

Hannah has worked with the International Baccalaureate in Group 1 English in the capacities of Chief and Deputy Chief Examiner,  and is Paper Setter and Principal Examiner for World Literature and Paper 2, HL and SL.  She is also Chief Examiner for Literature and Performance and faculty member for the OCC Language A Literature forum. She facilitates online and face-to-face workshops and is currently collaborating on a  third book for Oxford University Press, advising students and teachers in Language A English.

Expanding Your Web: Kathy Epps

Kathy has worked in Primary, Middle School and Secondary settings, in Learning Support and in ICT, on all three International School of Geneva campuses.  She was also the Coordinator for ICT in the Curriculum at the International School of Central Switzerland for several years, helping teachers and students develop their interests and expertise in the possibilities offered by information and communication technology for extension, enrichment, creativity and discovery in teaching and learning. She has facilitated the IBO’s online course, “Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom”, and also maintains the PYP Threads ning.

Film: Mark Tooms

Mark has taught the IB face-to-face for over 20 years; mostly Arts, Media and Film Studies in the UK and Bangladesh. He was a member of the team of teachers who advised on the setting up of the IB Film Programme over 10 years ago and designed and delivered a successful Film Pilot Course in London for five years. Mark is now a Senior Examiner for IB Film in the Extended Essay and the Independent Study component. He lives in a tiny village in South West France, where he paints, writes on film and in the summer runs a Maison d’hôtes with his wife.

Geography: Garrett Nagle

Garrett Nagle read Geography at Oxford University and has taught at St. Edward’s School, UK, since 1986. He has written several textbooks for Geography and Environmental Systems and Societies and has written a number of OSC Geography study and revision guides. He has taught IB Geography since 2010, teaching revision with OSC since 2012.

History: Alexis Mamaux

Alexis teaches History HL and SL at the United World College of the American West in Montezuma, New Mexico.  In addition, she is a Workshop Leader, Online Course Mentor and IB Examiner.

ITGS & Expanding Your Web: Barbara Stefanics

Barbara has been involved with ITGS since 1989 when the proposal for ITGS was first drafted. She has been actively engaged with ITGS through teaching ITGS, curriculum development, OCC faculty mentor, workshop leader and developer, and moderator/examiner for a range of assessments (Extended Essays, Projects and Papers).  She also initiated the development of two online ITGS resources;  ITGSopedia, and the Facebook Group ITGSopedia.

The Expanding Your Web blog is focused on the constantly expanding ways of integrating these technologies in all four IB programmes (DP, CC, MYP and PYP). Barbara is an advocate of 21st century learning skills and teaching approaches and using web 2.0 tools and related technologies for personal productivity and student collaborations.

Philosophy: Dr Jean-Marc Pascal

Jean-Marc is Master of Philosophy at Sherborne School (Dorset) where he has been teaching the subject for over 20 years. He was associated with A level Philosophy from its inception and worked for various examining boards, as an Assistant Examiner and Senior Examiner. He is now preparing students for both the IB Philosophy examination and the TOK component of the IB Diploma. His original interests in ethics and political philosophy have been given a new impetus by the teaching of IB topics associated with the impact of globalization on political institutions and cultural practices. Jean-Marc studied at the Sorbonne and the State University of New York before receiving his PhD at University College London. He is also an IB Philosophy Examiner.

Psychology: Laura Swash

Originally from the UK, Laura now lives on Porto Santo Island, off Madeira, Portugal.  She was a classroom teacher for 19 years and has been teaching the IB MYP and Diploma programmes for 13 years, recently turning her attention to online teaching. She leads face-to-face and online IB Diploma Psychology revision courses for OSC, and develops Psychology materials and leads courses for the online education group Pamoja and for Triple A learning.  Laura is also an IB Diploma Examiner, an MYP and DP Workshop Leader and an IB Schools Consultant.  She enjoys reading, gardening and scuba diving in her spare time.

Theatre: Fenella Kelly

Fenella has been teaching Drama for eighteen years to students and adults. She is also a dancer, director and actress that has performed all over the world in several languages. She has set up Drama programmes in schools across the globe and also taught IB Theatre and GCSE Drama. She is an IB Theatre Examiner and teacher trainer. During her career she has taught full-time in Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Greece and Egypt. Her work with ISTA has taken her to numerous other parts of the world to teach. Recently she returned from India where she was learning Kathakali dance theatre and Chenda drumming, intensively. Currently Fenella is Head of Theatre at St. Julian’s school in Portugal. She has a B.Ed Hons with Drama from Homerton College, Cambridge and an MA in Drama and Theatre in Education from Warwick University.

TOK: Philippe Mathieu


University Guidance: Sarah Cassell

Sarah has been working in international education for over 20 years as a teacher, coordinator and counselor. For the past 10 years Sarah has delivered University and Career Counselling workshops, conference presentations, and given family and individual consultations.

Sarah’s passion is helping students find the right fit post-High School career path. Combining her counselling skills and her wide-ranging connections with universities and colleges worldwide, Sarah works collaboratively with families to enable successful applications to further education institutions in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Scandinavia and Europe.

Visual Arts: Andrew Vaughan

Andrew started teaching IBDP Art in 1984 at the International School Moshi, Tanzania after which he taught at schools in the Far East (Japan and Taiwan) and Europe (the Netherlands), before returning to the UK after twenty years of teaching overseas. He has been a Workshop Leader for IBDP Visual Arts since 2004, and has presented at numerous workshops both in the UK and elsewhere. Andrew became a visiting IB Art Examiner in 1989; he is also Head of the Visual Arts Department in an IB World School in the UK.

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