Cryolite – Everything you wanted to know and more

It happens every year doesn't it? You are teaching about the production of aluminium, you say that cryolite is used to lower the melting point* and some bright spark starts asking you about cryolite. What is it? Where is it from?  and so on. Well todays positng is aimed at keeping that inquisitive student quiet. All his or her questions can now be answered. Read on.... ..... Cryolite is sodium aluminium fluoride (NaAlF6) and is actually a synthetic substance. In the Hall - ...

Toxic Sludge

  What have Iron Oxide, Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide and Sodium Oxide all got in common? Well, they were the substances found in the highest concentrations in the recent toxic sludge spill in Hungary. What effect will they have? It seems open to debate at ther moment but you can read more here: