VIDEOS – and November session schools using paper CRBs

There are two sessions (May and November) each year for students taking IBDP examinations, and this year November session schools still have the option of using a paper CRB (as with the May session, some schools will also be piloting the e-submission digital upload). Schools – or at least DP art teachers – occasionally include CDs or DVDs in the back ‘pocket’ of the paper CRBs. These often contain student videos, animations, etc. - but it is important to note that ...

Using Shockwave / Flash Resources

We have probably all used shockwave / flash resources in class through a website but did you know it is actually possible to extract them from the website? The advantage of this is you can then have the animations saved on your computer, ready to go and you don't have to worry about dodgy internet connections. The following webpage explains in much detail how to go about the process of extracting and saving the animations.