Hot off the Press

A couple of recent articles in the science section of the BBC have caught my eye lately. The first one I read a few days ago or so ago concerned the atmosphere of Mars. It turns out that over time, most of the Martian atmosphere has been lost into space (how, I’m not too sure) but what caught my eye was the method used to determine the rate of loss of gas in the atmosphere to space. I have written about a ...

The Lazy Gas (2)

So, what was that lazy gas? And the answer is ..... ....... Argon. Why Argon? The Greek word 'Argos' means lazy and it was this word that gave rise to Argon. Argon is a noble gas - it doesn't react with anything (we all know that). It was 'discovered' by default. It was the remaining 1% of air that did not do anything (ie, did not react with anything) - so it was thought of as being lazy - and the name stuck!

The Lazy Gas?

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  Which element is lazy? It is Argon, named by William Ramsay in 1865 named from the Greek word 'Argos' - which means lazy. But why lazy? Well, it doesn't do anything (ie, react) so Ramsay felt this was a good name. There is a retail store in the UK that has the same Greek name...... I wonder if they realise what it means as well?! nrHVOFG2V-c