Holy Smoke

Is going to church dangerous for your health? The atmosphere in churches are sometimes laden with smoke from candles and incense. This smoke however can contain particulate material in concentrations of PM10 (or less than 10 micrometres). These particles can penetrate very deeply into your lungs and cause a variety of heart and lung conditions. The concentration does depend on the time that burning has taken place - so it may be safer to go to church early in the morning than late ...

Gold wonder drugs

Tumours need a blood supply to grow and so it make sense to hypothesise that if the growth of blood vessels in tumors could be stopped, the tumour would effectively die. Enter a group of antibodeis that can be used to  destroy the protein (vascular endothelial growth factor or VEGF) that tells the blood vessels to divide. The problem? The antibodies have serious side effects on the body. The solution? Gold nanoparticles, approx 5nm wide that seem seem to have blocked VEGF's ability ...

Rare Earth’s – Lutetium

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  Lutetium, Lu, atomic number 71. Lutetium was named after Lutetia, the city that we call Paris. It was the Romans who named it Lutetia. Lutetium is the last of the Lanthanides. It was discovered in 1907 by Urbain and Welsbach. It is very expensive and is used to date meterorites and in radionucleotide treatments for some forms of cancer. This is what our friends at the periodic table of elements have to say about it: a5T1xXoR8XI