New Ammoina

Nitrogen is often considered an inert gas - it has a very high bond energy, so much energy is needed to overcome this strong  triple bond. Nitrogen is useful to us. Nitrogen containing compounds are used to make fertilizers, explosives and is found in every pharmacological drug. 80% of the air is made from the stuff but in order to use it we must first make it into ammonia (NH3) via the Haber - Bosch process. The Haber - Bosch process needs high temperatures (typically ...

Rare Earth’s – Samarium

  Samarium, Sm, atomic number 62. Discovered in 1853 by Marignac. It has many uses, such as in lasers, caron arc lighting, Samarium Cobalt magnets and catalysts for the dehydration of ethanol. Here is a video about it: LpTkBg8HpvY I found this video on youtube - interestingly,, the following comment is attached to the video thread: "It's a funny name for an element for me, because "szamár" means donkey in hungarian, and in hungarian it sounds something like donkeynium....!" :-D