Top Tips for the Teacher (2)

Stuck for some IA labs to assess in the DCP and CE categories? Try using these ideas to plan some labs: •How much Iron in an Iron Tablet – Redox Titration •Determine conc. of Hydrogen Peroxide – Redox Titration •Determine the formula of a complex ion (colorimetry) •Molecular mass of a volatile liquid •Heat of combustion of alcohols •Calculate the enthalpy of solution •Determine the activation energy of a reaction

IA Conclusion and Evaluation

C & E, the final criteria... (except for manipulation skills and personal skills - assessed in G4 only) Again I would like to stress that the summary is taken from subject reports, moderated comments etc and I strongly suggest that you venture to the OCC website and read them for yourself. The conclusion and Evaluation can suffer from what some perceive to be double marking. Its inevitable that poorly focussed questions will most likely lead to an ineffective and superficial conclusion through ...