Internal Assessment (IA) – An introduction / review

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Now that the long summer holidays are coming to an end, it is time to start thinking about school again. If you are about to start your IB diploma, or have already been studying the diploma for a year, one thing you will have to do is ensure that your IA (internal assessment) lab reports are up to speed. For those of you not familiar with the IA programme, you need to carry out 60 hours of lab work at HL and ...


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Fresh off the press, breaking news today.... It is speculated that Zinc can be effectively used to treat the common cold. We all know Zinc as a 'pseudo' transition element (is it a transition element or not? Why?) But now, researchers are claiming that Zinc lozenges of Zinc syrup can be used to treat the common cold. And the problem? Well, there are some side effects (nausea, vomiting) and it cannot be used long term (Zinc poisoning) and nobody is quite sure what makes an ...

An Overview of Internal Assessment (IA)

  Today's posting will cover an overview of IA: IA counts towards 25% of the final Chemistry grade. HL students need to carry out a minimum of 60 hours of lab work, SL students need to carry out a minimum of 40 hours. There is a Group 4 project that counts towards 10 hours of lab time (more on this is later postings). Teachers assess the students on five skll areas: Design (D) Data Collection and Processing (DCP) Conclusion and Evaluation (CEv) Manipulative Skills (MS) ...

Optical Isomers

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  Some jargon used to describe optical isomers: Chiral - a carbon atom joined to four different groups. Enantiomers - a pair of chrial molecules (the left hand and the right hand). Racemic - a solution that contains equal proprtions of both enantiomers. Plane polarised light - light that is only travelling in one particular direction. Dextrorotatory - light that is rotated in the clockwise direction. Levorotaotry - light that is rotated in the anticlockwise direction.